Hi, I am Sandra. I’ve worked in and studied Environmental Science  for serval years now. I’ve a passion for the plants and gardening, but have a love for all things technology and online related too.

I thrive on new experiences and stepping out of my comfort zone to learn what my strengths and weaknesses are, not only on work but in all aspects of life.

Having studied botany in depth. I’ve a clear understanding of how to take care of plants and trees.

Hope my blog site http://www.bmv-magazine.com is delivering you valuable information about plants care and tree pruning.




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Kids and Computer Vision Disorder

Kids and Computer Vision Disorder

Computing device use is now a routine part of kids’ lives. Around 90% of school-aged kids in the U.S. can access a pc. As well as children are beginning to use computers at a young age. Among college students who... Read more →