Eye Care Solution and Safety Tips

Eye Care Solution and Safety Tips

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In order to enjoy the pleasures of being healthy, you need to adopt a safety measure and safe working habits on a regular basis. You can do a lot to protect your sight from deteriorating. But it depends what preventive measures you take to be able to enjoy the many pleasures of stable eyesight. Apthomologists come up with countless recipes but the easiest and cheapest should be considered. We start with the following simple tips for healthy eyes:

Comprehensive Dilated Eye Check Up

You may be okay with your vision but it is advised to consult your eye care professional for a comprehensive dilated eye check up to make sure that many common eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic eye diseases, and age-related macular degeneration are detected well on time. Eye care professional at this stage puts drops in the eyes to dilate or widen the pupils to allow more light into the eye much the same way as open door lets more light to come in a dark corner. By doing so the eye care professional looks into the back of the eye to see any sign of the diseases stated above.

Know your family eye health history

Since many eye diseases are hereditary, it is therefore important to know family eye health history by asking the family members as to anyone has been diagnosed with a disease or an eyesight condition before. This will help overcome respective disease beforehand

Eye Care Solution and Safety Tips

To protect your sight eat

It is not only carrots as we commonly hear from people that they help in maintaining sight but at the same time if we eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables more especially leafy greens such kale, spinach or collard greens also keep our eye health. Research reveals that eating salmon, tuna, and halibut is also beneficial.

Maintaining Weight

Obesity or overweight increases the risk of diabetes and other health conditions leading to sight loss which include diabetic eye diseases or glaucoma. If you suffer from obesity or overweight consult your physician right away.

Protective eyewear. It is advisable to use protective eyewear such as safety goggles, safety glasses, safety shields, and eye guards while playing sports and at workplace as well. Equipment designed for a particular activity should be used. Polycarbonates used in contact lenses are stronger than other plastics.

Wear your shades and be cool

To protect from the sun’s ultraviolet rays sunglasses are advised to use. While purchasing sunglasses care should be taken to have ones blocking 100 UVA and UV-B radiation.

Give your eye a rest

Sometimes we spend a lot of time at the computer focussing on the screen and our eyes get fatigued. In situations like this don’t forget to blink. Every twenty minutes look away 20 feet in front for twenty seconds which helps reduce eyestrain.

Clean your contact lenses and wash your hands

In order to avoid the risk of infection, wash your hands every time before putting in or taking out your lenses. Make sure contact lenses are disinfected and replace them when you deem appropriate.

Workplace eye safety

Under the health and safety at work act, every employer is required to provide the employees with personal protective equipment in order for the employees to stay safe on the premises. If the use of eye-protecting wear is the policy of your workplace then make sure you abide by the policy in place.

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