How to protect your eyes- Myths and facts!

How to protect your eyes- Myths and facts!

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Eyesight is one of the most important senses and it is extremely important to take care of your eyesight. Our sense of perceiving comes 80 percent from our eyesight. Whether it’s about succeeding in your life, preventing your eyes from serious diseases or reducing the odds of vision, protecting your eyesight is very crucial, and there is no substitute for your vision except your eyes. By protecting your eyes through special care, you can protect yourself from developing eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts. Also, you can prevent yourself from dire effects of blindness and low vision on family, individual, and communities. Taking care of your eyesight is a significant part of your lifestyle as better eyesight ultimately leads to a better quality of life. Let’s debunk some common facts and myths about eyesight to help you to take proper care of your eyes.

Myth1: Your vision will worsen if you study or read in dim light

Fact: Even though dim light is likely to tire or put a strain on your eyes, there is no evidence that there is any relationship of dim lighting with your loss of vision. However, to avoid the impact of dim light, it’s better to study or read in proper lighting. The ideal position of reading is to have the shine of your light directly onto the page instead of your shoulder. The desk or paper lamps with an opaque shade are best for reading.

Myth 2: The need for glasses for your eyesight can be delayed with eye exercises

Fact: There is no evidence of preserving your vision, reducing the need for glasses, or helping your eye health with eye exercises. The health of your eyesight and vision depend on various factors, including the health of eye tissues and eyeball. These factors have nothing to do with eye exercises.

Myth 3: The best food for the eyes are carrots

Fact: There is no harm in eating carrots. In fact, it is very beneficial for eyes especially cornea of the eyes as carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A. but, restricting yourself in eating carrots for your eye care is not a good idea. Many other green vegetables and fresh fruits should be included in your diet that contains antioxidants vitamins such as Vitamin E and C and is very beneficial for your eyes health. These nutrients and vitamins protect eyes from mascular degeneration that is age-related as well as protect it against many diseases like cataracts.

Myth 4: Staring at the screen of computer or laptop is bad and damaging for the eyes

Fact: It is obvious that staring at a computer or laptop screen all day contributes to put a strain on your eyes and make them tiring. The eyes feel uncomfortable and dry with the excessive staring. However, by protecting yourself from the harsh reflection or glare on the screen, keeping eyes lubricated by blinking them often and resting your eyes briefly can prevent eyestrain.

Myth 5: Take a rest from wearing contact lens or glasses as they are expected to make your eyesight get worse

Fact: Glasses and contact lens are simply the visual aids that provide you better and clearer sight. Use your glasses and contact lens if you need them or else it will make your eyes tiring and put a strain on them. If you wear your glasses for your need, it doesn’t mean it is making you dependent on vision correction or weakening your eyes, making prone to diseases.

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How to protect your eyes- Myths and facts!

Eyesight is one of the most important senses and it is extremely important to take care of your eyesight. Our sense of perceiving comes 80 percent from our eyesight. Whether it’s about succeeding in your life, preventing your eyes from... Read more →

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