Fashion and eye care

Fashion and eye care

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For the healthy eye, it is important to carry out regular health and vision checkups. At our fashion eye center, we have two convenient locations that take care of your whole eye care needs.

Fashion Eye Center contains a large variety of eye care spectacles to assist you in complete vision care. We offer you fashion specs with eye test specials and glasses specials. Visit and view our exceptional choice of designer style eye frames and contact lenses. At our eye care center, we now have the fashion eye spectacles for you!

Optometrists working with us are certificated in all fields of eye care that includes health and a quality prescription for your vision needs. Our opticians are trained to fit glasses with the latest technology in the industry. Our optician can customize your vision according to your lifestyle. We keep our prices affordable and our experts make Fashion Eye Center prescribe normal and sunglasses, we look forward to receiving and serve clients with total visual needs. We are in the market from the last 40 years and we are thankful to all those who are with us from the last 40 years.

Fashion and eye care

Our team of optometrists offers comprehensive eye care emphasizing on comfort and permanent health solutions. Visiting our team, they take time to evaluate individual needs and can customized treatment plan for you. Apart from basic services such as eye check up and contact lens fittings, we offer a wide range of State-of-the-art Technology for Optimal Outcomes. We use the latest tools and equipment for the entire satisfaction of patients. During a comprehensive eye health check-up, a computerized assessment of your vision is created through a system and not in the traditional way requiring dilation which uses eye drops causing fuzzy and light receptive vision for at least 5 hours.

Our experts analyze your eyesight with extreme care and monitor your eyesight during the whole process during the checkup and after checkup we prescribe eyeglasses if required, we also have a large variety of spectacles and also have designer eyeglasses and can help you choose the best that fits your face and lifestyle, we can customize the eyeglasses as per your requirement and need, our treatment is recommended to help you see clearly. We also have a large variety of contact lenses, if you do not like to wear eyeglasses we can also help you to choose the best contact lenses, as many people these days prefer contact lenses, our team of optician can recommend Contact lenses according to your lifestyle and daily use.

We also have a large collection of Contact lenses and eye glasses for your kids, we can also help in selecting eye glasses for your kids. We can offer you fashionable frames and can provide advanced visual care which can make your personality more attractive.

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